What I do

In 2018 I'm working on wizzle: where policy "wonk" meets creative "sizzle". 

"Wizzle" events, campaigns or strategic partnerships are engaging and "sizzly", but have enough serious political “wonkery” to have longer-term impact. 
In 2017, I helped organise Goalkeepers. We brought together young activists, creative, political, business and media leaders to announce new, innovative collaborations to accelerate progress.  In 2018, I'm busy with the below, but am always on the look out for interesting projects where I can help in an advisory capacity. Get in touch through LinkedIn or
What can Wizzle do? 
Wizzle helps organisations - from Foundations, to universities, to international agencies, to charities (big and small), to high-profile individuals - with their political engagement, or youth empowerment, or communications, partnerships and campaign strategies. Often it's a combination of these approaches that has the …
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